PYHÄ PYHÄ PYHÄ, Beautiful nature for hiking and skiing!

PYHÄ MÖKIT, offers high-quality holiday cottages for rent in the Pyhätunturi of Pelkosenniemi in Finnish Lapland. The cottages are located in the center of Pyhä resort, in a quiet location near the family slope. Each one is comfortable and well-equipped. Cottages are rented all year round.

During the High Season renting time is from saturday to saturday (one week). During the low season also shorter times.



This cozy log cottage called "Metser" accommodate 12 guests. Location near the slope, ski lift and cross-skiing trails. Address: Metsäkuru 6.

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ForeignThis log cottage called "Keropiekana" is suitable for the large group of people. There is five bedrooms. Location near the slope and ski lift. Address: Laakakero 10.

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ulkouus2This semi-detached house called "Pyhäpari 5A" accommodates 8 guests next to the family slope. Pyhäkuru 5 A.

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ulko_molemmatThis is the other half of the semi-detached house called "Pyhäpari 5B" and it accommodates also 8 guests next to the family slope. Address: Pyhäkuru 5 B.

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